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H vs HPP: Understanding the Differences Between C and C++ Header File

    In C++, “.h” and “.hpp” are both file extensions used for header files, which are files that contain declarations of functions, classes, and other constructs that are intended to be used by other code files in a program.

    However, there is a convention to use “.h” for traditional C header files, while “.hpp” is often used for C++ header files.

    The main difference between C and C++ header files is that C++ allows additional features, such as classes, templates, and namespaces, that are not present in the C language.

    Therefore, using the “.hpp” extension for C++ header files can help to differentiate them from C header files and indicate that they contain C++-specific code.

    That being said, the choice of extension is mostly a matter of convention, and you can use either extension for header files in C++ without any technical issues.